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Göttingen Postkolonial is hosting an connecting different people in workinggroups on different Topics. If a working group is still open to be joined a mail adress is found.

Critical gaming

This newly founded working group is focussing on the way colonialism is portaied within boardgames, computergames , tabletop and Pen&Paper. Together they discuss ways to decolonise the Industry.

join us:


This group focusses on the highly debated figure of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach and created the Blumenbach station in the city tour and the Forum Wissen.


There is much work involved in creating exhibitions on the topic of colonialism in göttingen. In order to discuss processes and collabrations with different institutions, this workinggroups consitst of many different ever changing projects.

Current exhibitions:
Das Album

City Tour

The postcolonial city tour is ever evolving and new perspectives are added.


The coordination and preparations for panel talks and workshops is part of this group.

Südwestafrika Denkmal

Diskussions, Research and activism around the Südwestafrika Denkmal.