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Colonialism made in Göttingen – the past in the present

In a documentary film we would like to take a look at the region of Göttingen and its role in the context of colonialism. For this purpose, we invited the Senegalese filmmaker Ibrahima Ndiaye Sall (“Diaraf”) to conceive the film with us in the summer of 2022.

What colonial traces can still be found today? How do colonial racist ideas affect the culture of remembrance in the region? How do Black people experience life in Göttingen and the surrounding area? What role did Göttingen play in the pan-European project of colonialism?

The film will retell the stories of the region of Göttingen around the colonial project and relate them to current challenges of the realities of life for Black people. Scholars, anti-racism trainers and civil society actors, for example from Göttingen Postkolonial,
will speak and share their perspectives on the colonial past
and colonial continuities to this day.

The film is realised by ASA-FF e.V.

It is to be used in history lessons in Göttingen schools and offered with a teaching guide for debriefing the film.

The concept of the film and the teaching guide will be developed together with experts in the pedagogical and
critical field of racism.

Ibrahima Ndiaye Sall – Diaraf

Small donations also support the project, the costs for the filmmaker and the project team – all of whom are currently working unpaid.

Account name: ASA-FF e.V.
IBAN: DE90 4306 0967 1160 7852 00
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank

Intended purpose: Göttingen Postkolonial movie

Please contact us if you have other support and cooperation possibilities, e.g. to publicise the project, donations in kind or further ideas:

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